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Florida State Trooper Arrests Miami Cop in 120 MPH High Speed Police Chase

Florida State Trooper Arrests Miami Cop in 120 MPH High Speed Police Chase

Bank Robber Leads Police On Wild Chase Clermont, Florida

Police Chase - Florida

A police chase in Sarasota Florida ends with the driver being pulled out
at gunpoint. This man was allegedly wanted for armed robbery. Currently
however he is being charged with aggravated assault, reckless fleeing
to elude, vehicle theft, resisting arrest, and more.

Broward County Fl. Police Chase 09 22 11 PIT and Taser Takedowns.mp4

Stolen car/Aggravated Battery/Thieves are chased from Broward County Fl.
to Hialeah Dade County. BSO PITS vehicle and Tasers suspects.

High Speed Police Chase in Florida

Video footage has been released showing a high speed police pursuit in
Florida. The man leading the chase, Carl Stines, was apprehended and

Police chase stolen car Melbourne, Fl

Raw Dashcam Footage in Melbourn Florida of Wild Police chase, the driver runs stopsigns and barrels around turns and finally  ends up in a field pouring smoke from the Beaten engine! Check out all the Best Police Chases In Florida Only Here!

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Dash Cam shows Pensacola Police Office slamming girl into car? He was later Fired

A Pensacola police K-9 officer was fired and arrested Friday after an
investigation stemming from a police video that showed him slamming a
woman whom he was arresting into the side of her car.

Watch Pensacola Police Preform Pit stop

Dash Cam shows Pensacola Police Office slamming girl into car? He was la...

Pensacola Florida Police Officer rams robbery suspects truck twice in high-speed chase

Police car rams robbery suspects truck twice in high-speed chase
Early Thursday, Pensacola Police officers became involved in a high speed chase after receiving word of a robbery where the victim had been shot.
Two officers, in an unmarked police car, spotted the truck the suspects used to leave scene of the robbery and began the pursuit.
The officers used a patrol car to ram the truck twice, with the entire incident captured on the patrol cars dashcam.

Police said they were determined to stop the driver, later identified as 26-year-old Marvin Watts.
He is accused of robbing McKinley Lanier, 47, of Pensacola, outside a Circle K convenience store, by jerking a gold chain off his neck, then shooting Lanier twice in the left knee.

The bumping technique used by the police was successful and both Watts and a passenger in his truck, identified as Fred Taylor, 24, of Pensacola, were captured and arrested.
The two men, who are facing several criminal charges, are now being held in jail.


Police Patrol - Pensacola Pit Stop for Florida Man

Maybe the criminals tried to earn their wings by fleeing from the
police, maybe they were simply stupid. Anyway, they have been stopped by
an apt police officer letting at least their pick up fly.

Florida High Speed Police Chase 11/24/2009

High speed police chase in Florida 11/24/2009. Speeds up to 130 MPH,
eventually ends with driver loosing control and crashing into two

Florida High Speed Police Chase Armed Murder Suspect Plus Evil Stick


Video: Fake Cop Leads Real Police On 120 MPH Chase Through Florida Neighborhood

While driving an unmarked police car through a central Florida neighbourhood, Detective Brandon Spillings saw something unusual – another unmarked car with strobe lights flashing pulling over a motorist on State Road 200. He knew there wasn't another unmarked car in the area.

Spillings attempted to pull over the other police vehicle. When the white GMC pickup sped away, it confirmed his suspicions that someone had been impersonating a police officer.

Marion County police say Allen Anthony Clifton, 29, of Ocala, Fla. led them on a high-speed chase through several Ocala neighborhoods that reached 120 mph in a 45-mph zone and forced other vehicles off the road. He is charged with impersonating a police officer, felony fleeing and eluding and third-offense DUI, according to

Detective Yobanny Valdez said that Clifton had bloodshot eyes and spoke with "slurred speech," according to the news outlet. Police found five bottles of Pearl Vodka in a paper back inside Clifton's truck.

Clifton is not the only alleged police imposter in the news. In Mississippi, police officials said they fear someone is impersonating a police officer, pulling cars over along the side of the highway and murdering their victims. Two motorists have been found shot to death this month, and similarities between the cases have led police to suspect someone is impersonating an officer.

Clifton's alleged attempt to pull over an unsuspecting motorist brings a good opportunity to remind motorists how they can handle a traffic

Florida Police Chase Stolen Ford F-150 K-9 Eats Driver (HLN)



If you think you are being pulled over by law enforcement, do pull over. But keep your windows up and doors locked, and hands on the wheel so the probable officer can see. But calmly ask the officer, when he approaches, to show you his proper badge and credential because of incidents like this. Above all, stay calm, and be polite.

This impersonator was driving an unmarked car. You can usually be sure that a marked police car on a highway is the real deal. The time and occasion to be more cautious is on back roads when an unmarked car pulls you over.

In Mississippi, police said that drivers being pulled over have the right to put their flashers on and driver slowly to a lighted and populated area before coming to a stop.
stop if they are unsure of its legitimacy.

Police chase in Northwest Miami Dade - FL / USA - 11/16/12

Wild Police Pursuit - Orlando Florida

Uploaded on Dec 28, 2011
ORLANDO, Fla. — Two suspects who thought officers were chasing them caused a 4-car pileup near downtown

Wild Police Pursuit - Orlando Florida.

Florida High Speed Police Pursuit Burglary Suspects In Toyota Corolla (F...

Florida Police Chase Stolen Mercedes-Benz SUV 120+ MPH (Local News)

Florida High Speed Police Chase Stolen Taxi Over 130+ MPH (LIVE News)

Florida High Speed Police Chase Stolen Mini Van With Confusing Ending (F...

Florida Police Chase Stolen Ford F-150 K-9 Eats Driver (HLN)

Wow This Police Dog Eats This Dude Face!!!

Raw: Deadly High-Speed Police Chase in Florida

A high-speed chase ended in a violent crash in southwestern Broward
County, Florida. Police took cover after someone fired shots from an SUV
after it crashed into another car. (Sept. 18)

S. Florida Police Chase 9-18-2013 (Deadly Ending)

Published on Sep 18, 2013
Very disturbing end to this chase. 4 people were killed, 3 by the suspect.